Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Sew Trendy...I think I love you!!

Monty's cousin, Jessica, is one talented woman that I just have to brag on today:) She started a company called Baby Sew Trendy and her creations are absolutely precious!! She originally started with just baby items, but she has now ventured into the toddler world, and I am thrilled!!! She was so sweet to make Mayce and Bryce these awesome shirts and I just wanted to say a huge "THANK YOU!"
I also threw in a few new pics of the kids:) They are getting so big...and hilarious! Enjoy!

Courtesy of Baby Sew Trendy:)
Bryce and daddy's lincoln log creation
Mayce's contribution to baking:):)
I'll give it to her, the girl can accessorize!