Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Durham Family....come out, come out, wherever you are!!

Well, it's been a while since we've been in the blog world, so I thought I would post of few pics of what we have been up to:) Sadly, for a months worth of time, it's not a whole lot, but I forget to take pictures often.....pregnancy brain!! HA! By the way, we are also excited to announce that sweet Durham #4 will be a BOY!! Bring on the quarter backs! We will also be moving in the next 30 days and we are absolutely THRILLED about that:) The kids are so ready for more room and I will try to take some pictures of that little adventure;) Be blessed in His presence today, as you seek to fulfill His beautiful plan for your life.....the joy of that journey will overwhelm you!
Trying to hit the park when it's nice out. This particular day, the kids totally cracked me up! Mayce and Bryce really wanted to play with these bigger kids and were kindof being snubbed until the big kids made a big mistake....stopped to have a play plan meeting! HA! Mayce jumped right in the middle and asked them why they were not letting the younger kids play and suggested an idea of how everyone could play together. In about 5 seconds this group began to take the lead from a 5 year old and the rest is history! Too funny....her daddy was proud:)

Blake enjoying his park experience:) Love the sun grins!

We've also enjoyed digging for worms and trying to sneak them in and show mama.....nasty:)

I have mentioned before how much Blake enjoys being outside, and not much has changed:) We also like to sample the diverse pallet of "food" that the ground has to offer! HA!

Lastly, we have been teaching our 11 month old to read......what? doesn't everyone do this??? JUST KIDDING! I just found him sitting in this chair one day and it was too cute to pass up throwing a book in front of him:) This lasted a grand total of 5 seconds!!