Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heart To Heart

At bedtime, the other night, Mayce and I were laying in her bed visiting. Mayce and I have many deep conversations throughout the day, because she is definitely a deep thinker. She rarely takes information at face value, but tries to dissect it and figure out every detail. We have recently had many discussions about how we hear God, and I have walked away from most of them thinking, "Ok Lord, please make that one clear, because I know I have thoroughly confused her!" HA! Well, this particular night, we were contemplating hearing God in our heart, but not always hearing a "voice." I was explaining that we often hear him in our heart and we, then, know what we should or should not do. After a very long moment of silence, she sat up and proceeded to fling her body on my face, with her chest smashing my nose. Completely muffled, I said, "Honey, what exactly are you doing?" She, then, replied with a very disappointed tone
"Mama, I just can't hear Him, so could you please listen to my heart and tell me what He says!"
I think we've just moved into a whole new topic of discussion.....intercessory prayer:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Springuary Weekend!

It could not be more beautiful here! Yesterday and today have been in the 70's and gorgeous! It feels like Spring in January, so it seems like I have not seen Mayce and Bryce for like 24 hours:) They head outside first thing in the morning, and I have to drag them in the afternoon. Yesterday, I told them it was time to eat, I faced some opposition with that statement, and ended up giving them their plates in their tent....outside, of course!
Monty and I have also quickly discovered that our youngest little husky is most willing to give all his smiles and cooing to his bubba and sissy. He is just now 7 weeks, so I am pretty impressed that they can bring out his little personality better than anyone:) Here's a little shot of him talking to his sissy, aka, his princess:) All she has to say is "Blake, what are you doing!" and he lights up!
Lastly, I would like to pay tribute to our dear Longhorns. We love us some Colt McCoy around here, and just had to get Blake involved as soon as possible:) I think he wears the horns well:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

First Time For Everything:)

So, I was having some precious bonding time with my "not so little" little man yesterday, when I experienced a mothering first. I was just jabbering away with my most annoying baby talk, when I decide that I had to just lay a big kiss on him. I lean down, pucker up, and instead of feeling sweet little lips, I get a huge dose of spit up in my mouth!!! Of course, my other two precious, VERY observant, angels were there to witness the entire event, so the questions flowed like water for the remainder of the day. "What did it taste like, mama?" "Why did you make him do that?" "Did you swallow it?" Oh, the endless adventures of motherhood! Nothing else could bring so much joy and, yet, make you want to puke all at the same time! HA!