Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's just kindof been one of those weeks. The ones where you are super reflective, a little hard on yourself, and certainly not feeling like the most disciplined of God's children. I'm just now 12 weeks pregnant with the 3rd Durham, and although I feel new energy approaching, it still takes alot for me to stay "on my game" throughout the day. I want to spend my much needed time with my Father, have fun with the kids, educate them for that particular day, keep my house up, cook one to two meals, spend time with my hubby when he comes home and on top of it all, constantly be ready to act when the Spirit says...oh, and sit for a second when it's available. So, needless to say, rarely does my head hit the pillow at night that I feel accomplished and satisfied.
Then it happened. I walked outside and found that my daughter had managed to find the most remote and random mud puddle in our back yard! Now this puddle was not even rain created, but "neighbor washing off fence" created. And she not only found it, she DISCOVERED it! I mean, if she could have submerged her body anymore she would have. You would have thought she had never stepped outside before in her life:) At first, I admit, I was a little irritated with the soon-to-follow clean up process, but Monty quickly snapped me out of that by laughing hysterically and asking for the camera:) As soon as she stood up for the picture, my heart said "that's what I feel like!" I just felt like I was covered with situations, self-imposed agenda's and ridiculous goals. I am amazed how easily I put myself in performance mode for the Lord, rather than belief mode in His power!
So, here I was with this great revelation, and a passionate prayer for an answer.
Then, just as quickly as my heart asked, the answer came. Monty asked Mayce to stand still while he washed her off, and this was her reaction...
Priceless. She could have just stood there, but no, she welcomed that cleansing water with open arms, knowing ALL the dirt would be gone in a matter of seconds.
And, yes, you guessed it...just as she had hers, here was MY discovery. He never made me feel overwhelmed and bogged down, I did that. He never asked me to set those limits on myself, I did that. All He asked is that I believe... believe that He sent His Spirit so that I can do all things through Him. Believe that even in a grocery store, my prayer could change a life. Believe that the circumstances He allows can only be faced in His power and not on my own. Believe that the wife my husband needs and the mother my children need can only be found in the woman submitted to Him. Just believe... by faith... arms open wide... as He washes me white as snow.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hellllooooo Heat!

For the last two months I have been telling my children, daily, that it is still too cold to swim. SO, at the first sign of a remotely hot day, we were in the pool!! Let me rephrase that, the kids were in the pool, I was sitting in a chair eating mint chocolate chip ice cream:) Enjoy!

Wet, saggy swimsuit and sandbox = too funny!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bryce and Mayce!

I can't believe my babies are 3 and 4!! Here are a few pictures from their little party we had last weekend:) We have some incredible family and friends who came out to celebrate with us and made it VERY special! We love each of you! I didn't get near as many pictures as I should have, but since Durham #3 is well on the way, I was doing good to remember the cupcakes:) (HAHA!) Bless you, Bryce and bless your daddy and I more than you will ever know!

Mayce's precious friend, Daily, came all the way from Abilene to surprise her for her birthday! They are so sweet together:)
Payton and Bryce
Daddy time:)

The wonderful swing set my dad built:)