Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dinner Time

Here's what the Lord showed me today. Hope it encourages you as much as it did me. Basically, this is a VERY quiet time of life for me with three little ones and one on the way. I mean, let's face it, not many people want to do a play date or lunch date with such a big crew and I can completely understand that:) We are a little limited as to how we can be involved and that's just how it is. So, for now, it seems a little quiet and lonely at times. I was asking Him this morning for some encouragement during this season and this is what He said. Why am I not surprised that it was focused inward instead of outward! HA! Simple in concept....but that's the way my mind works, so that's the way He speaks to me:)
I am realizing that if I am not "eating the book" that I am self condemning, lost and insecure. If I am not digesting His every word, then I immediately focus inward, see ALL the shortcomings and miss the "moments." But, when I "taste and see" my senses are overloaded and I wonder how I ever survived without it. If just stuck with self, I would be a miserable being, but to know there is more, more that I can do that has nothing to do with my gain or recognition, well then, there's peace like I've never known. He shows me, little by little, that I don't need to know every facet of my life calling at this very moment. I just need to wake up and ask Him to make me a blessing to someone, somewhere, and He will lay out the rest when He's ready. He asks me to scoot my chair up, put my napkin in my lap and eat like I have never eaten the feast that only He knows how to prepare!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two "Fun Filled" Weeks!!

So, it's been a LOOOOONNNGG two weeks at the Durham house!! It started off simply divine, with my wonderful, handsome, magnificent husband surprising me for our 9th anniversary and whisking me away to the Gaylord Texan for two nights!! It was an amazing surprise filled with 3 days of re-focusing on our family vision, eating wonderful food, catching a movie and shopping! Thank you, honey...I LOVE YOU! My sweet in-laws were so gracious to drive all the way to our home and stay with our kids:) It was so nice to not have to pack everyone up and send them somewhere:) Thank you so much Grammie and Gramps!
Well, our beautiful weekend was quickly interrupted when we came home on Sunday to all 3 kids feeling a little under the weather. We just thought they had colds until that night when we realized Mayce and Bryce had contracted some NASTY virus that shot their fever to 102! On Monday, I took all 3 to the doctor, and as I pulled up, the Lord decided to open up the sky and pour down sheets of rain! Now, I love rain as much as the next girl, but there was no parking space close, and all of my kids were not happy campers. We were completely drenched by the time we reached the door, and Mayce had started to cry because she began to feel sick to her stomach. By this time, I was praying for some serious GRACE!! We got into the doctor, and found out that Mayce and Bryce had canker sores covering their throat....ouch! I could not get them to eat or drink much for the next three days, and sleeping was in short supply. I felt so sorry for my babies! They were miserable! Well, by that Friday they were much better, so we decided to head out of town for my family reunion. We drove 5 hours Friday night and arrived at 11:30 pm. Everyone seemed to be doing well, but on Saturday I began to notice a little difference in my sweet Blake. And to make a long story short, by Monday, he had full blown sores all down his throat, which equalled NO FUN! He was miserable and could not sleep or eat well for 3 days. So, we are now all officially better and SO grateful this is all out of the Durham house!! Thank you, Father, for your grace and strength!
I have posted some pictures from our tremendous "get away," and informed my husband that I could handle one of these little excursions about once a month! HA!

It was so nice to just sit and read the paper....not something we get to do to often these days:)