Friday, August 22, 2008

Okay, I'll admit it...

...she gets all her moves from her daddy:) HA! Seriously, Mayce is doing some kind of little dance for the majority of the time she is awake, and I love it:) She is so full of joy that she just has to move! Often times, throughout the day, the Lord will remind me of the reckless abandonment at which my children love and serve Him. They don't care what they look like, they just want to let that joy come out:) What a fine balance we must find in continuing to grow mature in wisdom and staying childlike in faith. He reminded me that everyday when my children call out for "mama," a load falls off of them and onto me (as it should be). So, every moment I call out "Father," I can fall into His peace of being His child:) Enjoy the beauty of being a "child" today:)

"I will become even more undignified than this..." (2 Samuel 6:22)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He's a poet and didn't know it

So I just had to blog about something sweet and hilarious that my husband did:) Being 6 months pregnant, I sometimes have great intentions to go and purchase items, but just don't always get around to doing it! This leads me to my latest "only Monty" moment:) As I have stated many times before, my kids love to swim, but I don't always enjoy sitting outside, in the smoldering heat, watching them. I have also greatly desired to soak up a little sun, thinking that this might conceal my ever growing cellulite:) So, I thought I would purchase a fold out chair so I could turn the sprinkler on me, lay out, get a tan and watch them all at the same time. Well, going to the store specifically to find a chair was just not happening...pathetic, I know. Then, a few weekends ago, Monty came in after a long Saturday morning of restoring a fence in 100 degree weather, and asked me to please check in the garage for something he needed. When I walked out the door, I saw a new tri-fold lawn chair with this letter of endearment:
I am so glad you are Mine
I think you are so Fine
But you think your skin is Fair
So I went and bought you a Chair
Now you can lay out in the Sun
And tan your white Buns
But at the end of the Day
I can still Say
I think you are so Fine
And you are all Mine!
What more can I say...I ADORE THIS MAN!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 Year Reunion

This past weekend, we headed to Kress for the annual "Hi Neighbor Picnic" (adorable!) and Monty's 10 year reunion. We had such a good time! They really go all out for this all day picnic...they start with a wonderful parade with more candy than my kids could handle, then town lunch at the school, duck race that afternoon (yes, my kids LOVED it), homemade ice cream galore, then to top it off, a town dance at the tennis courts at night! That's right folks, a good ol' town dance:) They throw a little corn meal on the concrete, set up the DJ and let it fly! It was so refreshing just to go to Kress and get away:) We spent all of our time visiting with family, playing outside, eating GREAT meals and just relaxing. I had such a good time visiting with some of Monty's old friends, and letting all of our kids play together. I am not sure my kids have ever been as dirty as they were this weekend, but they loved every minute:) Thank you, Nanny and Pawpaw, for letting us stay with you! It was a much needed trip that blessed us more than you will ever know:)

Riding Uncle Dane's four wheeler

Sitting in Nanny's front yard, watching the parade, with some new friends:)
Mayce's favorite dance partner:)
Uncle Dane, Aunt Jamie, Dillon and Bryce

Riding the lawn mower with Pawpaw