Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Festival

We absolutely love to go to our Fall Festival at church, and we get entirely too much candy, cotton candy and popcorn:) Our sweet Grammy and Gramps have gotten to go with us for the past 3 years, and this year by far, was the best weather!! As the kids are getting older, we are noticing they desire to try the bigger, more daring, rides. This year was no exception, and we did have to try the ZIP CORD ride!! I fought off wanting to puke by watching my little babies literally fly through the air, but they had an absolute blast, so I kept my mouth shut:) HA! Also, I know you might be wondering how I could go from bed rest one week to walking around a stadium the next, but I assure you I had Dr.'s permission:) The only stipulation was that I had to have my sweet husband carry a lawn chair around and I had to sit while we waited in every line:) It was pretty hilarious having to sit at every stop, but I got to be there, so it was so worth it!!
Please continue to pray for the release of our Father's plan for our country:) Be blessed!
Chillin' in my chair, waiting to go in to stadium

This is right after they let her go and she smacked the opposite bouncy wall because she was so light:) It was so cute and hilarious:) She thought it was pretty funny.

Cotton candy face

Every year Grammy and Gramps ride the train with them right before we leave. This was Mayce's "I'm kindof done taking pictures" face, and of course, Bryce and Gramps had to give their little shout out to the Longhorns:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

35 Weeks:)

I have some precious girlfriends whom I haven't seen in a while, so I post this for Jenn, Heather and Melissa:) This will be my one and ONLY prego pic, I can assure you! We are so excited to meet little Blake, but are so grateful to our Father for His perfect timing:) Love you, girls, and I can't wait to see yall again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Man Time

So, Blake tried to pull a fast one on us Sunday afternoon, and thought he needed to come a little early!! Needless to say, we landed ourselves in the hospital for the night, and my parents drove in to stay with the kiddos until we figured out a plan:) Such a blessing....thank you so much Nana and Pops! When we came home on Monday, Nana took Mayce to the store, and since I am on bed rest for a few days, Bryce decided to stay with his Pops.
He was so excited and came running to my bedroom screaming
"We're gonna have some MAN time!"
Me: "Oh reeaaally, what are you gonna do?"
Bryce: "We're gonna watch man bideos!"
Me: "and what 'bidoes' would those be?"
I'm not sure if Bryce has ever actually seen a commercial, but it was definitely yet another classic Bryce wording moment;)

Jamie, Dillon and Drew:)

My sweet sister in law and precious nephews came into town this weekend and it was such a blessing to see them:) Little Drew is already 4 months old and so full of sweet boyness!! He is yummy:) Thank you Grammy, Gramps and Jamie for such a great weekend! We love you!!! Precious Drew

Bonding time:)

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm thankful for...

...friends that are really creative! We had a "thankful" craft day with our friends Taylor and Krista, and it was a blast! My portion of the creativity was to provide lunch, and let me tell you, I picked up a pizza with some flare and zeal! HA! Krista had come up with a great idea of making thankful turkeys that listed the things we are thankful for on the feathers, then we made some delicious turkey cupcakes:) The kids got to decorate their turkeys themselves, and they ended up being huge blobs of sugar! We are very grateful for the Kings and would get crafty with them any day!!!
All good mothers let their kids eat cake batter, right?

Turkey decorating!
Thankful Turkey

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canton Trip

Well, I experienced my very first Canton trip a few days ago and LOVED it! A few of the ladies from our lifegroup took a day trip together and experienced all the junk food we could handle:) Now, I probably would have taken advantage of the entire scene a little more had I not been 8 MONTHS PREGNANT, but instead I just ate alot, drank alot of water and sat whenever I could! HA! I need to also confess that my dear friend Krista (also prego) and I did waddle ourselves over to the cart rental and try to rent one for the day....and had they not been sold out, you better believe we would have been hauling ourselves around in that "Rascal!" Overall, it was such a blessing to be with these ladies and watch the shopping skills come out in full swing....I must say, I was impressed:) Thanks, friends, for letting this big ol' mama tag along:)
Kelly and Katy
April, Krista and I (right before I downed my first "nasty dog" as Krista calls it:)
Back: Katy and Jessica
Front: Kelly and April
Just had to throw this one in here:) We got to play with precious Eve the next day and the kids loved every minute of it! She is such a cutie:)