Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Friends, Good Times, GOOD GRIEF!!

We've been pretty busy around here, so I thought I would do a "one post" catch up:) God is faithful, friends....do you know that? He continues to blow our expectations out of the water and exceed any ideas we could ever have! I LOVE that His glory will be made known, and I pray your are seeing little glimpses of that today!! Blessings!

Jennifer, Jessilyn and Reese Johnson stopped by for a little visit! They are from Midland and it is always SOOO good to see them!
Bryce and Reese
Jessilyn and Mayce

My sweet hubby brought me these one night after one of those "long" days:) They were accompanied by a movie, cherry coke (my favorite) and chocolate! Now, that's a good man right there!!
Yes, it's true, my chunky monkey is 8 MONTHS OLD, and eatin' Ritz like nobodies business:)
Mayce and Blake had some bonding time the other day while Bryce was sleeping, so she decided he needed to be a super hero with her and get in her cape:) This just about sent him over the happy edge!!
NANA AND POPS....WE LOVE YOU! Our Nana and Pops surprised us last week for a little day visit, and the kids were elated! We had sooo much fun, and have NO DOUBT, we did go to
Chuck E Cheese!

There are no words, folks....no words.
Lastly, and certainly LEAST, would be this little treasure that my parents so graciously brought for my children, shipped directly from Sodom and Gomorrah, I am sure! It is by far the most annoying duck whistle thing I have ever encountered:) We now must be wearing our bills as we ride our bikes and let everyone know within a 10 mile radius we are coming....thank you mom and dad:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

San Antonio Pics:)

Here are the pictures from the last day in San Antonio:) May all of the Sea World pictures rest in peace! HA! These are from the fantastic Children's Museum in downtown San Antonio and some from the hotel and pool:)

The day we left

Our room
They were worn out by the last day:)

Milking the cow at the museum:)

There was a full size plane inside the museum...they loved it!
Human bubble maker
Riding the loader at the museum
Bubble room
Old bank (working computer that Mayce LOVED)
Old country store
Trolley at museum

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Just got back from a wonderful trip to San Antonio late last night:) We had so much fun with the kids! Monty and I laughed on the way back to the hotel after the second day at Sea World, because we had NEVER seen our kids that worn out before. They were so utterly exhausted that they were just crying and laughing for no reason. It was over 100 degrees both days, and we got there at 10 am and didn't leave until 4:30 pm!! I will be posting pictures soon, but unfortunantly all the great shots we got from Sea World were accidently erased by little miss Mayce. She was taking some shots with the camera and just pushed the wrong button and there they went:( She felt so bad, so we tried to take a ton of pictures on the last day we were there:) Anyway, glad to be back....super exhausted and sunburned, kissing Blake more than he probably enjoys, and all Durham's are LOVING being back in our own beds!:)