Monday, November 9, 2009

One Crazy Weekend!

What a crazy weekend we had!! My mom came down on Thursday night to help me get a jump start on my packing, so Friday we hit the ground running. I had noticed that Mayce had been acting a little different on Thursday, but just thought she was a little tired. On Friday, she seemed a little grumpy and did not eat really well. Now, for the past week and a half, the nasty stomach bug had filtered through both of my boys, but it was fairly mild and went quickly. It had been a week since anyone was sick, so I thought we were in the clear:) Well, we went to bed a little late Friday night, and Mayce wanted her Nana to sleep with her. We had all been asleep about 2 hours when I noticed the hall light and bathroom light come on suddenly. I jumped out of bed to find my mom cleaning off sheets, pillows and clothes because Mayce had gotten sick in the bed. She was laying on the couch, and in the short time it took me to get to her from asking what was going on, she had gotten sick again! My heart broke in a million pieces for her, because she was just miserable. She continued to throw up for the next 3 hours about every 15 to 20 minutes. After the first 5 times, I began to call our pediatrician and the ER. When her doctor called back at 3:30 am, she ordered her a RX for nausea. She took one and fell asleep, with me sleeping on the floor next to her bed. She literally turned over every 5 minutes, and it was very obvious she was hurting. By 6 am the next day, she woke up with a 102 fever and pain. She was very miserable and very sick. I still thought she had a really bad stomach bug, so we began to try the popsicle/juice route for the next few hours. However, I could not get her to try much and her fever was increasing. About 6 pm that night, Monty and I decided to take her to Cooks Urgent Care, and I am more grateful to our Heavenly Father for that wisdom than you will ever know! After an IV, blood samples, Strep test, H*N* test, x-rays, and u-sample, we were very surprised to find out she had a UTI with the main infection being in the upper part causing pain. Needless to say, we were relieved it was not her appendix or any other flu, but we knew this was very painful:( The doctor felt that she might have had a virus too, so all the way around, she was pretty sick. Our experience there, despite all the tests, could not have been more peaceful, and we were blessed by two beautiful nurses who passionately loved the Lord and detected His Spirit in Mayce's little heart. Isn't it amazing how His Spirit just draws "all men to Himself?!" One nurse asked Mayce what her favorite book to read was and she answered "Luke.....from the bible." She just smiled and said "mine are Acts and Romans!" They, then, began to talk about their favorite scriptures:) What a sweet and comforting moment He provided. We ended up coming home around 11:30 pm, after receiving some fluids, antibiotics and nausea meds. I would love to report that she was 100% the next day, but sadly, this will be a few days of recovery. She still has not eaten well, but I am sure in the next few days, we will be up and running:) In fact, her Nana took matters in her own hands this morning and offered her a dollar to eat some toast.....and let's just say, Mayce is a little richer today! HA! Thanks for all the prayers from our dear friends, and thank you, Nana, for serving us and being such a blessing through this entire process!! Please be encouraged today in knowing our God IS a "strong tower for the righteous to run too" and an "ever-present help in our time of need!":)

This was soon after she recieved her IV, which she was such a trooper for:)
(sorry pic is so blurry, all I had was my phone camera)