Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Had To Share

This book is absolutely amazing!! I just had to post about it for those of you who have not read it. He has such a practical way of sharing the necessity and power of prayer, and he answers so many of the questions that tend to just linger in the air for many believers. This man has such a respect and devotion to His Father that it oozes out of his every word. The knowledge you will gain from this book will leave you changed forever. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This weekend...

....we played and played and played and played with Nana and Pops, and we enjoyed EVERY messy minute of it! We painted with our bodies, played the Wii for the first time with Uncle Shane, ate some good home cookin' and, finally, pushed the wrong button on the token machine at Chuck E Cheese and spent Nana and Pops' money FAST! We had so much fun, as always, and love you guys TONS!
How to make "finger" paint become "body" paint in a split second!

WAYYYY too much Wii!Uncle Shane

You leave her alone for one minute with her grandkids and this is what happens!

Watch out Romo!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hatch Time

So we were eating at a restaurant last night when Bryce announces he needs to "use the restroom." Now, this phrase indicates a little more serious business that needs to be done, so I get to handle this task:) He has entered a glorious phase of not wanting me to actually be in the stall with him, but wants to see my hand over the top of the door. It is so cute the way he organizes the whole scene. I know the lady in the next stall must be enjoying our little conversation so far. Then, in order to continue to entertain the other stalls, he completes his "duty" loudly, and calls me back in. As I enter the stall, he announces loud and proud "Mom, I hatched it!" Stalls go in an uproar:) He had the cutest look on his face, and I almost hated to tell him what "hatch" really meant! The exploration of different words and different meanings is endless at this phase and I LOVE how they sometimes crash into one hilarious sentence! They bring some serious joy to their mama's heart:)