Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog Slacker!!

Ok, so I am totally a blog slacker!! I never thought I would have to admit that, but now I think it has gotten so bad, I must join a 12 step program;) There have been TONS of changes in the Durham house, and I feel like we are just now getting our feet back under us. Now, let's see, where to begin? Well, I guess I can just do a super quick recap, then show some cute pics of the kids.......yeah, that sounds pretty good:) First, I am getting fatter by the second and really feeling well for this fourth pregnancy:) Still having the circulation issues, but probably to be expected when I am on this number! HA! That being said, we MOVED and it was.....well, slow....slower than I ever wanted, but "lesson teaching" slow for sure. I am learning to gain some much needed patience, and drop some yucky's a good thing, just not fun. In the midst of the move, the Lord and my Nanny had a beautiful encounter, and she went to live with Him:) The house certainly became a side note, and the new revelation of Godly character and principles was laid afresh in my heart.
So, here we are. All settled in, meeting neighbors, hanging pictures, planning get-togethers and adjusting to STAIRS! Now, I won't harp on this point, but it must be said.....the reality of the level of "out of shapeness" I was in, slapped me in the face when I met those stairs! :) They are Holy sandpaper for me, and I love them.....I do.....I tell myself that everyday, as I climb them exactly 437 times before lunch:)

Kids are healthy, happy and huge! Mayce is as beautiful as ever, and the biggest helper I have ever met. Her compassion level just blows me away. Her favorite phrase is "mom, let me do that. You have a baby in your tummy. Just sit." Now, whose not gonna love that:) Bryce is still my mighty man with passion running out his ears. He loves all, and has the sweetest, most sensitive heart. To say he is a protector would be an understatement! Then, there's little Blake. He is growing like crazy, and not interested in walking in the least bit, although we politely informed him he is a year old now and could start anytime:) He is so love able, and SO inquisitive. I love to watch his eyes when he gets picked up, because they scan the room faster than lightening, taking full advantage of this new aerial view he just received to decide where he will conquer next:) All in all, we are well......and blessed. I see all the works of the Lord over the past ten years of our marriage journey, and if I think of it longer than 2 seconds, I will weep. He is good, folks, really really good. His mercies are new, His Name is strong, His power is mighty and His love is relentless.

Here are a few pics of what's been going on and I promise more house pics soon. Thanks for indulging the extremely long "catch-up" blog, but in a few years, I would have forgotten some of these beautiful you had to put up with the wordy mama today:) Bless you!

Pulled all the Christmas decor out for the new house:) YAYY!

Blake after his first haircut:) He did so good!

He also figured out how to put his lunch in that new hair cut:)

Bryce practicing some "new tricks," as he calls it, on his bike. Notice we do all said "tricks" while bike is completely still! HA!

Our first snow (well, kindof) in the new house:)