Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Heart of Worship

"...and their voice was heard; and their prayer came up to His holy dwelling place, to heaven."
(2 Chron. 30:27)

Lord...you take my breath away.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturday Night

Saturday night, our precious friends, The Terry's, took us to the Rangers game....all you can eat, might I add!! We had so much fun! I wish I could say that the kids were totally into the game, but that would be a lie! They watched it here and there, but mainly decided that when the little red, blue and green dot raced around the field, that they would officially attend a Rangers game any day:):) We also had a little bonus during our game....THIRD DAY!! They played a pre-show, and during the game they showed up right above our stands to take pictures with a few selected fans:) Let me just take this moment to say that I have, in fact, met Third Day. Some friends and I were standing in line at Whataburger, and we turn around to see Third Day in line right behind us! We tried to play it off cool, but we failed miserably:)
So, back to the game, we tried to snap some shots, but I am not the greatest photographer! Let me just throw in a side note here and say that my husband and "all you can eat" go hand in hand! I have never seen him eat so much junk in my life! I almost threw-up just watching him:) Thank you, Joe and Melissa, for such a sweet gift! We love you guys!

Third Day