Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bubba!

Sweet 'Tater-
I can't believe you are already 4!! What a wonderful man you are turning out to be....a carbon copy of your daddy. Everyday you amaze us with the love that literally gushes out of you. For as long as I can remember, you have been our little bear cub. You love to wrap your little arms around me and daddy and just cuddle on our chest for as long as possible. I love watching the process of the Lord growing you into a little gentleman. He is so faithful, Bryce, and He already uses you more than you will ever know. There is nothing sweeter than hearing you whisper promises of protecting me in my ear when daddy is not here, and feeling your tiny arm hanging around our neck as we lay with you at night. Your concept of being filled with the love of Jesus, and generously giving it away, just blows our minds! You are more than we could have ever imagined, and you epitomize the fact that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. I can't begin to imagine how He will use you as you grow older in Him, and for the simple fact that He trusted me and daddy to shepherd you, overwhelms us. You are an athlete to the core, and have the heart of a gentle warrior....just like your daddy. We are so proud of you, buddy....what a gift you are to this world.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New York....NEW YORK!!!

Soooooo......I WENT TO NEW YORK!!! It was just me and my baby and it was a blast! We were blessed with this trip from the wonderful company, Paycom, that Monty works for and it was fantastic. They packed in just about as much as they possibly could and we were literally exhausted after our 5 day adventure. Here are a ridiculous amount of pictures for one blog.....but be glad, this is only a THIRD of them:):)
Bless you as you seek His face in all you do....He is faithful, He is precious, He IS.
The dinner cruise/awards ceremony
Dinner cruise
Monty receiving his award
Really bad Statue of Liberty pic....sorry, moving ship! HA

We got to see Mamma good!

Yankee's game at the new stadium

Our new friends Tammy and Greg
Taking the subway during our ELEVEN MILE big apple tour walk....this mama was tired!
Ground Zero and the space where the towers once stood
Brooklyn Bridge
The first theatre in New York
Tour stop in SOHO
Oldest Jazz club in New York
Central Park
Central Park
Grand Central Station
Our fabulous room in the New York Palace

View from our room

First night out
Takin' it all in:)