Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who has Grace?!?

A few weeks ago, Bryce got in trouble for something, and after discipline and discussion, I told him I loved him and reminded him, as we always do, that grace was here for him.
I guess he had never really payed much attention to our little grace reminder until now,
because he quickly perked up and asked "Oh, where is she?!?"
(referring to his little friend from church named Grace).
I said "No, honey, Jesus has grace for us."
Then he got the funniest look on his face and proclaimed
"Well, why does HE have her!?"
I laughed so hard, and realized that having friends named after beautiful principles of the bible sometimes backfires on you! HA!!


Melissa Terry said...

Bryce- he's always on top of it! I so wish I could have had a big cup of coffee sitting across from you...where did the time fly?

After New York...its off to No man's land! :)

Sarah Wronko said...

So CUTE!! You could write a book with all the adorable things your sweet little ones say!